Client Resources

On this page, you will find links (15 in total) to help you with common issues Public Defender clients face. Scroll down to contact a Public Defender, find court dates and bond amounts, read police reports, research the expunction process, understand how to dress for court, and much, much more.

Text or email notifications of court dates [Link]

Use this link to sign up for text or email notifications of court dates and changes to court dates.  Please remember, email and text notifications are not binding legal notices.  ALL CRIMINAL DEFENDANTS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR KNOWING AND KEEPING UP WITH THEIR OWN COURT DATE.  THIS IS TRUE REGARDLESS OF WHETHER YOU RECEIVED AN EMAIL OR TEXT NOTICE  If you have any question about your court date you may call the Guilford County Clerk of Court at:  (336) 412-7300.

Contact a Public Defender [Link]

Use this link if you would like to contact the Public Defender office or any specific Public Defender.  If you do not know the name of your Public Defender, you may call (336) 412-7777 for Greensboro cases and (336) 822-6723 for High Point cases and you will be directed to your specific Public Defender.  Email addresses for every Public Defender in Greensboro and High Point are listed in this link.

Find Your Court Date [Link]

Use this link to find the court date for trials in the state of North Carolina. Follow the prompts on the link to further refine the search result to a specific county and court system.

Find a Guilford County Inmate and Their Bond Amount [Link]

To find the bond amount for a person in the Guilford County jail system, use this link and search their name by clicking on the “filter inmate list” option.  The system does not list inmates that are 16 or 17 years old.

Police Department Reports:

Some reports of criminal incidents, traffic accidents and arrests involving the Greensboro Police Department, the High Point Police Department and the Guilford County Sheriff are available in searchable format here:

Greensboro Police Department Reports [Link]

High Point Police Department Reports [Link]

Guilford County Sheriff’s Office Incident Reports [Link]

First 24 Hours in Jail PDF [Link]

This PDF link gives helpful advice for those who have a loved one that was recently arrested.

NC Prison System Offender Search [Link]

Use this link to search the NC Prison system database.  You can find information about where a prisoner is housed, what the charge(s) was that sent them to prison, if they have ever been in prison in North Carolina in the past, and if they have had any disciplinary infractions while in custody.

Online Court Costs Payment [Link]

If you have been to criminal court and owe money, some fees can be paid online. Read more at this link.

Expunctions [Link]

This link connects to another Guilford County Public Defender page that further explains the expunction process.

Criminal Court Calendars [Link]

This link connects to the court calendars (District and Superior Court) for Guilford County. It usually provides the docket of those two courts a few weeks in advance.

Pretrial Release Resources [Link]

This link leads to the webpage for the Pretrial Release Resources Program (PRRP) that helps provide people awaiting trial and those on probation or parole with high-quality programs to help them improve their circumstances. Click the link for further information.

Guilford County Courthouse Cell Phone Permit PDF [Link]

Visitors are prohibited from entering either of the Guilford County courthouses with cell phones or other personal communication devices unless approval is given from a Resident Superior Court Judge, a Resident District Court Judge, or a judge of the Superior or District Court authorized to hold court in Guilford County.  If you wish to bring any electronic communication device into the courthouse, please click the PDF link above, fill out the form, and then present it to the receptionist at the District or Superior Court Judges chambers.  The form will be presented to a judge to decide if the request is approved or denied.

Courtroom Etiquette [Link]

This link offers helpful tips about how to prepare for court, including how to dress and when to arrive.