Intern, Extern and Law School Residency opportunities

Our offices accept four intern/externs for each of the traditional academic semesters and eight during the summer in our Greensboro office (22 attorneys).  We have an additional four internships available during the summer in our High Point office (8 attorneys).  In-semester internships are generally part-time and revolve around the student’s academic schedule.  Residency and summer internships are generally full-time (M-F, 9-5).

Unfortunately, all of our positions are unpaid but we work hard to offer unusually challenging opportunities for our interns/externs.   We represent a full range of indigent criminal defendants from juveniles to capital clients.  We are particularly interested in 2L or 3L law student interns/externs that are eligible for their NC Bar practice certificate so that they can do in-court representation of clients and second year masters of social work (MSW) students who wish to work with indigent criminal defendants. We also occasionally accept passionate and dedicated 1Ls and undergraduates with a sincere interest in indigent defense and law school graduates who have not yet taken the bar exam.

Our internships usually coincide with traditional university academic semesters, but we are flexible and will accommodate a student’s schedule. Dress is business professional, normally a business suit/skirt.  Each student is assigned three different supervising attorneys from different areas of criminal practice so that they get a broad range of criminal law exposure.

We try our best to allow each intern to practice in the most appropriate office for them and in an area of criminal law that interests them.  With that in mind, please note any preference between our Greensboro and High Point offices and any area of criminal law interest in the cover letter you submit with the application below. We offer:

1.         Misdemeanor criminal (shoplifting, minor assaults, etc.);
2.         Misdemeanor traffic (DWIs, drive while license revoked, etc.);
3.         Juvenile (all crimes from misdemeanors to murders for individuals under the age of 16) * this changes to age 18 later this year;
4.         Drug and Mental Health court (rehabilitation opportunity for defendants whose crime is related in whole or in part to their drug use or mental health condition);
5.         Probation Violations (individuals accused of violating the terms of their probation);
6.         Minor felonies (drug possession and sale, breaking and entering, larceny, etc.);
7.         Serious felonies  (rape, armed robbery, kidnapping, burglary, non-death penalty murders, etc.);
8.         Capital Murders (individuals facing the death penalty).

Guilford County Public Defender Internship Application


Job and Fellowship opportunities

Prospective attorney, paralegal or investigator job applicants and attorney fellowship applicants can get more information by contacting us using the form below.