Intern Experiences

Here you will find short essays from past Guilford County Public Defender interns describing their experiences and the work they were able to do as interns with your Public Defender office.

Chris Caffrey, Duke University ’18

Kenan Purpose Program Summer Fellow – Summer 2017 Intern

About Chris [Link]

A Tentative Calling [Link]

First Days in the Office [Link]

The Ups and Downs of Paperwork [Link]

Observing Courtroom 3A [Link]

Justice is Messy [Link]

The Ultimate Safety Net: A Somber Journey [Link]

LinkedIn® Mental Health Article [Link]

Kaylee Raymer, Berea College ’17

Shepherd Scholar – Summer 2016 Intern

My Part in a Noble Task: Reflections of an Attorney Case Support Intern [Link]

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