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If you wish to leave a general comment for our office, or ask us a question, you may use the link below.  If you would like to contact a specific Public Defender, scroll down to find our office mailing addresses and phone numbers as well as email addresses for all of our Public Defenders, investigators and administrative assistants.


Greensboro Office:

201 S. Eugene St.
P. O. Box 2368
North Carolina 27402-2368
Telephone: (336) 412-7777
Fax: (336) 412-7778

Greensboro Office Personnel Contact Information:

Public Defender-
Frederick G. Lind ⇒
Administrative Assistant-
Wendy M. Rodriguez ⇒
Assistant Public Defenders-
Erin B. Adler ⇒
Anika Bailey ⇒
Sabrina M. Bailey ⇒
Wayne T. Baucino ⇒
Morgan E. Bennett ⇒
ShaKeta D. Berrie ⇒
David E. Clark ⇒
Lauren A. Gebhard ⇒
Johnna Z. Herron ⇒
Molly A. Hilburn-Holte ⇒
Benjamin L. Klein ⇒ 
Ross S. (Spencer) Holland ⇒
Gabriel A. Kussin ⇒
Rami S. Madan ⇒
Jennifer L. Rierson ⇒
Roger Rizo ⇒
Mary C. (Katie) Sanders ⇒
S. Alexandria Snow ⇒
Whitten Stone ⇒
Richard W. Wells ⇒
Edward G. Humburg ⇒
Evan A. Smith ⇒
Brian C. Yarborough ⇒
Paralegal –
Matthew H. Darby ⇒ 

High Point Office:

Mail: 505 E. Green St.
P. O. Box 2341
High Point, North Carolina 27261-2341
Telephone: (336) 822-6723
Fax: (336) 822-6724

High Point Office Personnel Contact Information:

Administrative Assistant-
Cora Billups ⇒
Assistant Public Defenders-
John T. Davis ⇒
Rip S. Fiser ⇒
Delton L. Green ⇒
John F. Nieman, Jr. ⇒
Miranda G. Reynolds ⇒
Kaitlin A. Shimansky ⇒
Michael K. Troutman ⇒
Juan F. Zuluaga ⇒
Dennis Covington ⇒

You may download a copy of the Guilford County Public Defender Directory from this link:

Guilford County Public Defender Directory