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Criminal court costs and fees: motions, orders and practice documents

Feel free to download any of the below materials and modify them for your particular case/county/judge.  * Some of the unconstitutionality arguments are are complex and depend on a thorough understanding of several North Carolina cases and statutory provisions and the North Carolina Constitution (all are completely explained in the unconstitutionality brief).  Please make sure you have a thorough understanding of all the arguments prior to filing this motion.  The PowerPoint may be useful for you to present this argument to the court.

7A-304 is unconstitutional – PowerPoint (29 Jan 16)

Ability to pay considerations (APDs) (Guilford County)

Ability to pay considerations (APDs)

AOC-CR-618 additional findings with model language

Findings of just cause

Motion and brief re unconstitutionality of NC court costs statute

Motion to waive court fees

Notice of Intent to Request Waiver of Costs

Notice requirement motion

Order declaring certain fees unconstitutional – defendant cannot be made to pay overhead

Order declaring certain fees unconstitutional – penalties go to school board

Order declaring certain fees under 7A-304 unconstitutional – 27 Jan 16

Provisional Waiver of Costs